The Company

We want to bring the future into the present without making any revolution - as with any real innovation

Aenduo wants to break down telemedicine barriers, offering a complete service of remote monitoring for everyone .
Today, more than 50 million people in Europe suffer from diabetes (almost 5% of the population). About 150 million people in Europe suffer from hypertension.
In the face of a strong growth of the population affected by these diseases, funding for the management of outpatient visits are continuing to decrease.
In response to the changing needs of public and private health systems, constant monitoring and warning system enhance the treatment of chronic diseases and prevent acute episodes for patients.
Today, remote monitoring is still complicated because the patient has to change habits, change meter , be a computer expert , have a Wi-Fi connection at home ... it is still a service for a few!
Aenduo has built, based on the patient’s requirements, a system that enables remote monitoring by increasing the quality of life of the patient.

Distance will no longer be a problem from now on.... positive link between doctor and patient.

Continuous monitoring improves patient’s adherence to the therapy.
Home monitoring guarantees a more rational management of office visits, bringing management and organization benefits. Offers a cost reduction for health systems and improves the quality of life for people suffering from these diseases .
To respond effectively Aenduo manages the entire life cycle of the service, from proprietary hardware to the complete stack of software, entirely "made in Italy".
Aenduo has an agreement with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rome to constantly improve its products and services, in line with patient needs and care-giver.