Telemedicine for all

Aenduo Cozy

Simple and reliable. With Aenduo Cozy physician can offer remote monitoring services to their patients.

At home, the patient can automatically send data to the Cozy from the meter that he already uses, without effort and without changing his habits.
Doctors have easy access to the biometric data measured by the patients (pressure, blood glucose, ...) and are informed automatically via customized alarms. Cozy simplifies and reduces the workload for physicians through process automation.

As easy as pressing a button.

Simple and innovative: Cozy

We want to bring the future into the present without making any revolution
as with any real innovation

works with
all meters
patients don’t change habits and continue using its meter
no smartphone
no Wi-Fi
no need to be an Internet expert or to use it. PC or Wi-Fi not needed
patients will never forget measures, doctors are alerted for abnormal measures
simplified life to the physician
dramatically reduces physician's everyday workload
data available always and everywheresimple and intuitive web interface and useful cloud API

Works with all commercial meters

Patients do not need to change their habits because Cozy works with the meters they already have at home.

Patients only have to bring the Cozy close to the meter (via Bluetooth) or connect the USB cable and Cozy fetches the data from the meter and sends it to the doctor. Completely automatic – the patient does not need to do anything else.
It works with most common meters on the market, such as Ultraesy Onetouch, Freestyle Freedom, Bayer Contour, Accu-check Aviva, Sanofi BgStar, Omron, A & D and many others. Pulse-oximeters, scale and ECG meters available soon

No smartphone, no Wi-Fi

Patients do not need to be computer literates and do not even need an Internet connection!

The patient will no longer need to be an Internet expert. No need to own a computer or Internet connection. No configuration needed... just turn the Cozy on and everything works.
Cozy establishes a positive and effortless link between doctors and patients, at distance.

Automatic alarms

Patients will never forget to take a measure, because Cozy reminds them. Cozy informs doctors when the values are abnormal.

The patient is reminded when he has to take a measure, so he does not forget it. This is one of the major causes of poor adherence to the therapy observed by doctors.
The physicians have easy access to the biometric data of the patients and are informed automatically, through customized alerts, when the measurements are outside predetermined bounds.
Cozy promotes adherence to therapy with automated alerts and continuous feedback to the patient. The health care system will handle minor accesses (DRG) because patients are visited only when really needed. Cozy facilitates the correction of the therapy by the physician and allows early intervention to prevent acute episodes.

Simplifies life for the physician

Cozy dramatically reduces everyday workload and allows physicians to offer remote monitoring services with very low effort.

Physicians can offer remote monitoring services without additional effort and thus be able to follow an increased number of patients.
Allows doctors to reduce reduces the workload, dramatically reducing the time of the visit.

Data available always and everywhere

Measurements available anywhere in a simple and intuitive way. Secured in the cloud.

It offers very high standards of safety, reliability and availability of data, reducing the burden on IT departments. Data are encrypted and transferred securely. The web interface is simple and intuitive.
Cloud: Service to your doctor / health facility is also provided by the API to the cloud.
API: Care-giver can seemly integrate patients' data into their application's portfolio through the Cloud API without warring about managing the infrastructure and thousands of devices.
Cozy is certified as a Class I medical device by Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD).